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College Signings

As the school year reaches its midway point, signing season is underway. Several Andover athletes have signed with colleges. These students are (from top down), Zach Sokolosky, who has signed with Kansas University’s golf team; Casey Mayes, who joins Michigan State’s baseball team; Allyssa Wilmoth signed onto the softball team at Allen Community College; Hannah Becker has signed with Butler Community College’s soccer team; Hayley Jones joins the golf team at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Photos by Kamilla Sims, Julia Schneider, and Jonny Wagner.

Breaking Ground

Work is currently underway on the baseball field behind Andover High School. The dirt being dug up from the outfield will be used elsewhere for projects pertaining to the new Andover High School. The baseball and softball fields will have artificial turf installed by the spring.

Photo by Zean Osterbuhr

NHS Blood Drive

Junior Natalie Alexander donates blood for the Red Cross during Friday’s blood drive. Seventy-two successful donations were collected from the event, which was sponsored by the Andover High School chapter of the National Honor Society.

Photos by Olivia Towry

Pictures from Xanadu


Andover High School’s fall musical Xanadu, staring junior Liz Raehpour and Senior Nick Linhardt.

Biology Business

Freshmen Sierrsha McAllister (center) and Ellie Braynock participate in a chemical reactions experiment in Mr. Weidert’s 4th hour biology class. The students mixed copper chloride and with water and then added aluminum strips to see the effects.

Photo by Seth Rather

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