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Anatomy Lesson

Students in Mr. Weidert’s anatomy class dissect fetal pigs Monday during 4th hour. Students dissected the pigs to learn more about the size of their brain, lungs, kidneys and liver . Photo by Bianka Malinovic

New School Update

Teachers take a tour of the new Andover High School on January 3rd. During the tour, all teachers were able to see their future classrooms. The view above shows the commons, as seen from the upper level near the library. Photo by Cary Conover

Drake Sawyer Signing

Senior Drake Sawyer signs to Rockhurst University, where he will be playing golf next year.

Student Signings

Emma Cunningham signs to Baker University, where she would be playing basketball.
Madison Slayton shakes hands with her coach Ryan Harshaw. She signed to Wichita State University, where she will be playing golf. photos by Cary Conover

Showchoir Showcase

Saylor Middleton is lifted by her fellow Showchoir performers Josh Conour and Will Balandran. photo by Melissa Mercer
A matinee performance of Showchoir Showcase is performed Thursday in the auditorium. photo by Savanna Cole
Female performers dance during one of the numbers. photo by Savanna Cole
Showchoir Showcase members perform a group number. photo by Melissa Mercer
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