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Concert Practice

Freshmen choir practices for the holiday vocal concert Tuesday, December 12th. Also performing will be Madrigals, Old School Edition, Concert Choir and Chorale. The event begins at 7 p.m. and is free to the public.

Photo By Kamilla Sims

Trojanette Halftime Performance

Andover High school’s dance team, the Trojanettes, had their first halftime performance on December 5th. They performed a Hiphop dance that they will be taking to their competition in January.

Photos by Kamilla Sims

Teddy Bear Toss

Seniors Dick McGill and Ben Johnsen prepare to toss teddy bears as Easton Conard, Ben Smith, Brent Alfaro look on during halftime of Tuesday night’s boys basket ball game vs. Andale. ┬áThe event was called the Teddy Bear Toss and was a benefit to the Sunshine children’s home.

Fun with Physics

Juniors Brayden Niessen, Isabella Kiefer, and Alex Jones work on their roller coaster project for Stephen Alexander’s first hour AP physics class. Students are required to send three different types of spheres through their roller coaster: a ping pong ball, a glass marble, and a steel marble. The coasters are required to have multiple turns of varying degrees, and are awarded extra credit for corkscrew turns.

Boys Swim Team Season Underway

The Andover boys swim team kicks off its season today with a meet at Newton and another this weekend at Northwest. This is the second year for the boys team. Photo courtesy LifeTouch

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