Student Walkout

Andover students hold a 17-minute moment of silence in honor of the victims of last month’s high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Over 100 students participated in Andover’s walkout. Schools throughout the United States held similar events.

Photos by Kamilla Sims, Gabby Winter, Julia Schneider, Cameron Hoppas, and Aubrey Peck


Choir Concert

The Andover High School and Middle School Trojan Choirs performed a Festival Preview Concert Tuesday evening at Andover High School.  The concert was directed by Brandi Hallford and Tanya Schroeder; they were accompanied by Laurel Delimont.

Photo by Chad Hanson

Assistant Principal Leaves AHS

Andover High School Assistant Principal Amanda Grier will be leaving forAndover Central High School. She will be replacing Brian Gregoire, who is taking a position elsewhere in the district. Grier has been a principal at Andover High for eight years.

Run, Hide, Fight

Students watch a video of officer Heath Kintzel discussing the protocol known as “Run, Hide, Fight” Wednesday morning in Mr. Conover’s seminar class. This week and next week’s seminar discussion will be dealing with the topic of school safety in the event of a dangerous situation, such as an armed intruder.

Freshman Emily Jordan poses for pictures taken simultaneously by her Advanced Photojournalism classmates Monday in the Gym A commons. The pictures are then sequenced and looped to create an animated GIF of a the 360-degree portrait.

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