Trojan Nite


This years Trojan Nite was full of hard work. Each athlete was dedicated to their class but the seniors dominated, taking first in almost every category. As the seniors took home the trophy, sophomores followed in second place. Behind the sophomores were the freshmen, and the Juniors took last.

Band Performs at State Fair

Members of the Andover High School Marching Band perform at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson Tuesday September 11th, 2018. The band received a rating of I+.

photos by Camden Foster




Cross Country

Andover’s Asher Moen competes in his event at Saturday’s cross country meet in Augusta. He, along with Ryan Kinnane and Sam McDavitt, helped put the men’s team at 4th overall. Freshman Elizabeth Vetter and sophomore Ellie Braynock recorded the highest finishes for the women. Photo by Ellie Braynock.

Soccer Game

Juniors Gabe Pappademos and Dawson Schoning battle for the ball during the August 28th soccer game against Derby at home.

Junior Miles Armbrister stretches just before the beginning of the game.

Players on the bench observe as Gabe Pappademos punts the ball downfield.

Coach Martín Penafiel and his players watch Dawson Schoning dribble the ball.

Science Class

Freshman Max Hippisley prepares to start working on a lab assignment in the biology class of Mr. Ross.

Photos by Melissa Mercer

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